And I still ponder

A drunken soul with a sober heart,
Hey brother, don’t u bother!
Day by Day,
I believe it will get better!
Today I believe that together..
” Two gather ” is nothing and not even a matter!
Thoughts.. too much though!
I sink..I drown!
I wander.. I ponder!
Words saved me all together!

Black and White

“Colors are beautiful part of life” said the child.

An old man smiled from a distance and pondered.

“In the beginning, it was all white and bright! And at the end, it was all dark!”

“Black and White”

Time to bid adieu

No words matches my situation right now.

The kind of feeling that you just stare at the wall..

Feeling empty

Feeling blind

Feeling lifeless

Bright blue wall with millions of memories flashing in front of my eyes.

But it’s time to bid goodbye to the friend who’s been in all my ups and downs.

To the friend who mean the world to me.

To the friend who knows me better than anyone else.

To the friend whom I can never get over with.

Goodbyes are temporary for you and me, cause “us” is a lifetime promise.